Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Engineering Discovery, an undergraduate student service organization at Olin College, is to foster passion and excitement for engineering and science in primary school students of all backgrounds. Through open-ended, hands-on team projects we work to help our students discover the value and joy of technical problem-solving.

What does this mean for us?


  Passion and Excitement

    Too many students leave middle school science lacking confidence and passion.

    We want to inspire all learners to see engineering as fun and doable.

    The best impact we can have is to spark lasting interest and confidence.


  All Backgrounds

    We seek to engage a diverse student body from across racial and economic lines.

    Girls and minorities should all have a chance to discover engineering.

    Erasing cultural stereotypes about who can be an engineer is critical.

    We teach students from an early age that anyone can be an engineer or scientist.

  Open-ended Problems

    Students of all ages should tackle problems they find relevant and important.

     Meaningful problems should not have a single best answer.

    Wide possibility space encourage creativity and ownership, which build passion.

    Tying in broader context of engineering (social factors, budgets, etc) is crucial.

 Hands-on Team Projects

  As part of our Olin heritage, we believe strongly in learning-by-doing.

  Each lesson should complete the entire learn-design-build-launch cycle

  Working as a team builds valuable social skills and can be much more fun!