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Our History

Engineering Discovery has been an active club at Olin for almost 3 years!  Here's a broad overview diagram of our history of classroom involvement, activities, and workshops. More detailed explanations follow.

Our current organization formed in the fall of 2007 when about 12 students at Olin came together to teach pre-prepared lessons on superhero science (studying topics of aerodynamics, optics, and biotechnology) to local Needham fourth and fifth grade students during an after school program.   

In the spring of 2008, we began developing lessons of our own, which we brought each Wednesday to a 5th grade class at William Monroe Trotter Elementary School in Dorchester. While we were successful in reaching students and generating enthusiasm for engineering and science, we realized we could engage more students and design more exciting activities by hosting our program at Olin. Thus the Saturday@Olin workshop concept was born.

The fall of 2008 saw us focus exclusively on the 3 hour workshop concept.  We developed BLAST OFF!, a bottle rocket design, build, and launch activity. Hosted from 9 AM to noon on October 4 , we invited Needham 4th and 5th graders to our first run of the program. On October 25, we hosted a more advanced version for an 8th grade Saturday program.

For the spring of 2009, we hosted a 2-week Saturday workshop on renewable energy

Fall 2010 saw us grow to a solid group of fifteen students.  We revised our BLAST OFF! workshop and hosted two bottle rocket sessions in October and November.

We're excited for Spring 2010 and our new partnership with Tufts' STOMP program!  We'll split into small teaching teams and take over elementary classrooms in Waltham, MA for an hour per week.  Hopefully lots of great new activities and lessons will come out of this experience, and we hope to build a long-term relationship.