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About Olin College

Olin College is a unconventional, exclusively undergraduate engineering school located in Needham, MA.

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering was established in 1997 to reinvent undergraduate engineering education.  The College's official aspiration reads,

"Olin College seeks to redefine engineering as a profession of innovation encompassing 1) the consideration of human and societal needs; 2) the creative design of engineering systems; and 3) the creation of value through entrepreneurial effort and philanthropy. The College is dedicated to the discovery and development of the most effective educational approaches and aspires to serve as a model for others."

Olin emphasize many unique things in our curriculum: teamwork, project-based learning, design-centered thinking, and interdisciplinary approach. We believe these factors make us more well-rounded, adaptable, and ultimately more effective problem-solvers, and we're excited to pass these values on to the next generation of engineers and scientists. 

For more information, see the Olin College official overview or visit the college's website.