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Meet the Team

Our Team Photo

Many of us gathered in December 2009 for an end-of-semester party.  Check out our awesome t-shirts!

Unfortunately, this photo is still missing about 5 active members.

Our Leadership Team

Program Coordinator

    Christina Powell - Class of 2011, Mechanical Engineering

    Christina jumped on board in fall 2007 and immediately became a core member of the team.  She
     brings great mentoring experience from Girl Scouts and working at a science museum and loves testing out new curriculum.

     In her free time, Christina enjoys learning about the space program, playing the baritone saxophone, or just curling up in a comfortable chair with a good book.

Curriculum Director

    Elizabeth Poindexter - Class of 2013, Engineering: Design

    A sophomore majoring in sustainable design, Elizabeth joined Engineering Discovery in the fall of her first year.  This year, in her position as curriculum director, she hopes to expand eDiscovery's curricula by developing new activities and polishing up old ones.  Outside of eDiscovery, Elizabeth likes baking, being an R2, and watching How to Train Your Dragon.

New Initiatives Director
    Elizabeth Threlkeld - Class of 2013, Engineering: Biological Mathematics

Liz is a Sophomore this year at Olin College. She have a weirdly large obsession with mathematical-biology, eight cats, and a red Jeep Cherokee named Stanley. Words of wisdom from her best friend: "Why can't we all just get along?"


Schools Coordinator
Becca Shuctzengel -
Class of 2013, Engineering: Biophysics

Becca joined Ediscovery at the beginning of her freshmen year in 2009 and has been an active member ever since. She loves working with children and intends to be a science teacher after she graduates.

Saturday Workshop Coordinator
Poorva Singal - Class of 2012,
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Poorva Singal is a junior at Olin College majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  She has been actively involved in Engineering Discovery since her freshman year.  Outside of Engineering Discovery, she is involved in the Olin Indian Club and Olin’s section of the Society of Women Engineers.  In her free time, Poorva also enjoys drawing and painting.

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisor: Yevgeniya Zastavker- Associate Professor of Physics